Right on cue, as we welcome the first day of winter, Perisher had 30cm of snow overnight.

As the sun rose this morning, the temperature was freezing -7 degrees and a crisp blanket of white covered the snow fields where green grass had been late last week.

View the LIVE Perisher Resort snow cams.

The all new Subaru Outback had only just been bumped into position at Perisher Resort before it became coated in a fine layer of snow.

While June 1 marks the official start to winter, Perisher Resort will kick off their season this long weekend.

The Village Eight Express will be open for skiing and boarding from Friday, June 5 while the Perisher Express Quad chairlift will open for skiing and boarding to mid-station, as well as a number of skier conveyors on Front Valley on Saturday, June 6.

The Perisher Express will also be open to Top Station for sightseeing across the weekend.

All signs are pointing to a bumper winter snow season ahead.

Courtesy of www.subaru.com.au