As the temperature drops, training motivation levels tend to decline as well. Subaru Ambassador Ashleigh Gentle believes winter is just as good a time as any to keep fit and stay in shape. The professional triathlete shares her top training tips to help you survive the chill while you’re out running this winter.

First and foremost I would suggest that you invest in a pair of gloves. The basic use of your watch and the simple things, like tightening your laces, can become impossible with numb fingers.

Wear an undershirt or lightweight vest. Even though your body will warm up during exercise, you can still wear sleeveless gear. That extra layer around the chest can make running so much more comfortable.

If the temperature is really cold, a head band or beanie would be a good idea to keep your ears protected. It may seem a little silly but the more comfortable you feel, the higher chance you will continue to train in the winter months. Keep warm with a Subaru Australia beanie.

Although you may not sweat as much in the cooler climates, it’s important to still think about hydration. Even if your intake may not be as frequent during summer months, fluid intake definitely can’t be forgotten. Stay hydrated with a Subaru Australia drink bottle.

Begin your workout a little slower to allow your body to warm up properly, especially before starting any fast paced training.

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